6 Days (only on Netflix)

6 Days (only on Netflix)

In the face of terror, a nation will show its strength

1 h 35 minR2017
Action, Drama, History, Thriller

London, England, April 1980. Six terrorists assault the Embassy of Iran and take hostages. For six days, tense negotiations are held while the authorities decide whether a military squad should intervene.

Runtime 1 h 35 min
Certification R
Director Toa Fraser
Budget $1,500,000
Country New Zealand,  United Kingdom
Starring: Jamie Bell, Abbie Cornish, Mark Strong, Martin Shaw, Emun Elliott, Ben Turner, Aymen Hamdouchi, Tim Pigott-Smith, Robert Portal, Colin Garlick, Andrew Grainger, Martin Hancock, Colin Moy, Toby Leach, Xavier Horan, Te Kohe Tuhaka, William Chubb, Ronan Vibert, John Henshaw, Tim Downie, Sam Snedden, Mia Blake, Matthew Sunderland, Emma Campbell-Jones, Jared Turner, Calum Gittins, Ryan O'Kane, Fayssal Bazzi, Kenneth Collard, Nicholas Boulton, Scarlett Featherstone, Venice Harris, Marjan Gorgani, Jeff Szusterman, Phil Peleton, Kip Chapman, Ajayshri, Scott Michael Wagstaff, Brady Powell, Jay Sutherland, Joel Beckett, Alan McElroy, Dominic Hughes, David Rumney, Eric Colvin, Sara Stone, Margaret Thatcher, Simon Elrahi, Glen Levy, Ghazaleh Golbakhsh, Andrew Lawrence, John Ramm, Michael Denkha, Robert Hartley
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6 Days (only on Netflix)
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